Innovative Solutions for Electrifying Vehicles


The technology that UQM has developed provides the marketplace with efficient, power-dense motor and controller systems that will aid in the advancement of the vehicle electrification industry. UQM has taken a three-phase approach to creating this technology:   Technology-Information-JPG

PowerPhase® System Technology

Motor Technology

UQM Technologies proprietary PowerPhase® motor technology has been specifically developed to deliver high levels of torque efficiently at variable rotational speeds, transitioning from high torque to a relatively constant power curve as the rotational speed increases. UQM PowerPhase® motors have high operating efficiencies and high power density, achieving smaller external dimensions and lower weight than competing products. The design features inherent to the electric machine contribute to lower usage of copper, iron and other materials, reducing manufacturing costs compared to other motors of similar power. These attributes have allowed us to price our advanced motors and controls competitively while providing better performance than conventional motors and controllers, which we believe will accelerate the rate of commercialization of our technology. Our motor design can be operated in either a forward or reverse direction of rotation, and either in motor or generator mode, with the ability to dynamically change from one mode of operation to another in millisecond response time.  

Controller Technology

Attributes of UQM Technologies microprocessor-based digital power electronic controllers include high power operation (up to 650 amps and 700 volts), four-quadrant control (forward/reverse and motoring/generating), reduced switching losses relative to conventional technology, adaptive switch timing control and controller area network (CAN) capability. As a result, UQM PowerPhase® controllers have high operating efficiencies and high power density, generally having smaller external dimensions and weight for a given power output, improving packaging.

Software Technology

Software control algorithms are an important part of the the UQM intellectual property portfolio. One aspect of the software is a patented method of control referred to as Phase Timing Advancement that enables UQM PowerPhase® motors to deliver both high output torque at low operating speeds and high power at increased operating speeds. We have extended the capability of Phase Advance Control by using Adaptive Control techniques. These proprietary software algorithms alter the switching strategy as a function of DC voltage, operating speed, output power and temperature to optimize system performance under dynamically changing conditions. The result is maximized output and efficiency that decreases fuel consumption in hybrid electric vehicles and increases the range of battery electric vehicles.

Customized Solutions

With our team of experts, UQM can work with you to create a motor and controller solution that is tailored to your specific requirements. Whether you wish to make slight functionality changes to our existing PowerPhase® systems or introduce a completely new design, put our expertise to work for you. Regardless of the project, our main objective will never change.  We will provide you with the most power-dense, high-efficiency electric motors and power electronic controllers for your application.

Future Explorations

We are currently working to explore and develop the future of vehicle electrification. From more efficient controllers to researching non-rare-earth permanent magnet motors through a U.S. Department of Energy grant, UQM is engineering the future.